Zoobic Night Safari: Weekend Encounter with the Tigers

Roar!! I’m a tiger!

Our little one watched her first movie in the cinema – The Jungle Book! She enjoyed the movie a lot and so we thought, why not have her own experience of lion and tiger encounter? And so we decided to go on a weekend trip to Subic to do Zoobic Night Safari.

It’s not the first time my little Aya visited the place. We went there when she was less than one and a half year old. (Maybe that’s why she thinks she’s a lion!) She couldn’t fully appreciate the animals around her back then. This time, she now says hi to the deer, the sheep, the little phonies and the donkeys (which are all horses to her sight).

I encourage going in the morning to fully appreciate the beauty of the animals. Basket of fruits can be availed to feed the animals. There is also a photo session with the snake and the tiger while petting them (or not!).

For the faint-heart, like me, you can watch the animals parade and put on their own show. It’s equally entertaining (and safer!) for me.

Zoobic Night Safari starts with an orientation conducted by a designated tour guide. They organize visitors and travel in groups.


They have this cute choo-choo train, as Aya calls it, transfer guests from one station to another.


Travel is also entertaining as you’ll see horses, zebras and deers by the side of the road. We were told that these animals are available for sale.

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The road leading to the Tiger Safari is one of my favorites. It’s a perfect intro before entering the tiger’s den.

Once the gate was closed behind us, something moved from the shadows and a big cat sashayed it’s way towards us. We snapped a picture of Yna, the tiger, sniffing his dinner (I hope it’s the chicken, not us.)



But the tour does not end there.


We also visited this pond with lots of crocodiles. Most of themhave their jaws wide open. Though it looks scary, it’s actually their way of cooling down since they do not have sweat glands.

Couldn’t blame them. I can’t barely see the leaves of the trees moving.


We missed the walk with the greyhounds as we were told the Night Show was going to start soon. When we get back, we are definitely not going to pass on that one.

Despite the humid weather, the tour still ended with a high note. Local talents, dancing, music and yes fire!

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For those who will watch the show with kids, I will not recommend sitting on the front row. The fire blowing might be a little scary for the little ones if they are that near to the performers.


After the tour, we get to stay at Tiara hotel just a few-minute drive away from the theme park. There is a pool at the back of the hotel where we opt to cool down and bond a little more the next morning before we end the  trip.

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Overall, it was a fun family get-away for us. There’s so much more to see. And we will definitely go back once we get a chance.

If you wish to visit Zoobic Safari, you can book your tickets here: www.zoomanitypayment.com

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