Looking Through The Lens Of A Two-Year Old

“Say cheese, mommy!”

Just recently, my two-year old learned how to work the camera on her daddy’s phone. We were out in Baler one night enjoying the night view by the poolside when she saw this duck stone she really want to take a picture of. We teach her how to do it and the next thing we know, 20 identical pictures of the duck, my legs and a chair flooded the album. It’s too early to say but I think someone will be hooked in photography.


We guided her how to focus the camera on the person’s face instead of their arms and tummy. After that, we had an instant paparazzi in pajamas.




Say Cheese Mommy!









Browsing through the album, I feel proud of what my little princess can do now (You are not imagining it. Tears of joy right here). This reminds me of how fast kids grow. I remember holding  her the first time, hearing her utter her first word, taking her first step and now this. I now understand when mom says, “Don’t grow up yet.”

I also feel humbled by what my child see and appreciates. The world, though sometimes captured in a fuzzy lens is a bit simpler and wonderful in the eyes of a child.

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