Homemade Lemon Orange and Ginger Tea Recipe for Colds


I think February this year is the coldest month by far. We get to turn off the aircon (thus lower our bills, chaching!) and get to enjoy the fresh cold air during nighttime. The downside however…colds. Just this morning, I noticed my little Aya having one.

Good thing, I found this tea recipe by Honeysuckle for cough and colds. I have always been a fan of natural remedies. My mom would always prefer oregano and kalamansi concoction over a cough syrup. It’s nice to have an alternative especially here in the Metro where I find it hard to find fresh oregano leaves.

Below is the simple recipe you can use as a guide on how to make this lemon, orange and ginger tea recipe. You can adjust the ingredients according to your liking. Go easy with the turmeric though. I think it takes an acquired taste for one to like it. You can start with half a teaspoon just so it won’t overpower the mixture of the lemon, orange and ginger tea.


2-3 lemons

1 orange


1 tsp turmeric

1 cup honey


1. Wash all fresh ingredients properly.

2. Peel and grind the ginger. Slice the lemons and the orange thinly. Do not peel off the skin as this will add flavor to the concoction.

3. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Transfer in a storage jar and put in the fridge.

How to prepare the tea:

Get a slice of lemon and orange from the mixture and put it in your cup. Add a spoonful of the juice, then pour in hot water. Enjoy your mugful of Vitamin C!

Note: You should refrain from giving honey to kids who are under a year old. Honey is said to cause infant botulism. It is always best to consult your pedia first before giving anything, even natural remedies, to your little one.

What’s your favorite tea recipe? Share with us your favorite homemade remedies by commenting below.