Quick and Easy Baon Recipes by Gardenia

Bring your baon game up a notch with these Gardenia quick and easy recipes

If you are to ask my daughter what’s one thing she will never get tired of eating, it would be bread. I don’t even know where she get that from but she’d gladly trade her meal for a bread. This is mainly the reason why bread has been one of our family’s food staple in the house.

If you are tired of the usual bread and spread meryenda, here are some quick and easy baon recipes by Gardenia you sure want to try (and put some personal twists) to earn some mommy points from your kiddos.

Gardenia Classic Ham and Cheese Roll


Gardenia Classic White Bread
Precooked ham (cut in half)



1. Using a rolling pin, flatten one slice of Gardenia classic white bread.

2. Spread mayo on the bread and line up the ham and cheese. Roll the bread and cut it into bite size. Secure each piece with a toothpick.

3. Repeat. One slice can be cut into 4 bite-sized rolls. Create as much as needed.


Polvoron ala Gardenia



Powdered milk
Melted Butter
Fun polvoron molder
Pastry plastic



1. Crush Gardenia toasties in a food processor.
2. Add milk, butter and sugar. Gardenia toasties is already sweet in itself so you may skip adding sugar or add with caution.
3. Have fun with your kids and use different molders to create cute polvorons.
4. Wrap them on a pastry plastic. Let them chill on the freezer for at least 15 minutes.
5. Enjoy!

Note: Toasties lasts 1-2 weeks


Gardenia Twiggies Cake Pops



Gardenia Twiggies
Condensed Milk
Hot Melted Chocolate
Different coloured sprinklers



1. Crumble Gardenia twiggies. Add condensed milk to bind. Roll into a ball.
2. Dip it in the hot melted chocolate dip. Let your kids decorate the cake pops with different sprinklers.
3. Let it chill for at least 15 minutes. Enjoy!

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