How Mommies Can Learn To Relax with Video Games

When parents see their children spending countless hours playing games on the computer, in front of the television, or playing on their tablets, they’re probably thinking that there’s no educational value or mental stimulation, essentially being a waste of time. Although extended gameplay is destructive to your health, game designer Jane McGonigal tells Time Magazine that gaming is the neurological opposite of depression. In games, players are more optimistic of their abilities and more mentally engaged to solve problems. This is why many teachers around the world are incorporating games like Minecraft into the classroom.


“Gaming is the neurological opposite of depression.” – Jane Mcgonigal

The benefits of video games aren’t just limited to school-aged kids either. In fact, reports are showing that there are advantages for adults who like to indulge in interactive digital entertainment. Many of them have targeted the female population, specifically mothers, and saw that games helped them relax. Of course, there is the argument that various people relax in different ways, but there’s no doubt that games are a form of stress relief. Tech website Make Use Of shared a study by the University College of London that demonstrated a correlation between gameplay and recovery from stress. The more frequently the participant played games, the better she was at handling stress.

Even with all of these studies, it’s hard to imagine that an action-packed video or online game could actually calm your nerves. But, if you make that assumption, you’d be wrong. You see, the background music in games helps pacify people and often helps them forgotten about their external worries.

Leading gaming provider Pocket Fruity published a long-form article entitled ‘How Sound and Music Influence Online Gaming’ that talked about the mutual partnership between electronic entertainment and music. In it, they explained how the background music in games flawlessly blends into the gameplay and helps transport the player to a different world or dimension. Additionally, when a player solves a problem or completes a mission it brings a sense of fulfillment that helps reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and ultimately helps them unwind from a long day.

While mommies may not have all the time in the world to sit on the couch for a couple of hours playing games, beating their friends at Candy Crush or defeating the gargantuars in Plants vs. Zombies, can act as some much needed rest bite and bring some enjoyment into their lives. After all, everyone needs a break every now and again!

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