‘Wicked’ Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

Heart Painting by Sunshine Whispers

Heart Painting by Sunshine Whispers

Traditionally, Valentines Day is being celebrated mostly by lovers. However you will observe that more people make use of this day to express their love and appreciation to their parents, mentors, kids and anyone of importance to them.

Apart from flowers and chocolates? Well, there are surprisingly more things we can do to tug at our special someone’s heartstring.

1. Watch Wicked The Musical

The show will open in Manila this coming February 2, 2017. It’s a perfect reason to dress up plus it will be a sure hit for theatre-lovers. Want to score tickets at a discount? Fox Travel Services offers tickets at a lower price! They are the official transport provider for Wicked so they get to offer tickets at a discount.

2. What About A Cruise

I’m not kidding! Sweep her off her feet by surprising her with a ticket to Superstar Virgo, the first cruise ship to homeport in Manila. You get to visit different countries in style, visa-free!

3. Home Cooked Meal

Not everyone can do that so it is extra special when someone goes out of his way to grocery shop and cook meal for us. Valentines day also falls on a Tuesday this year which will probably make the surprise a little bit tricky to pull off.

4. Anything DIY

And I mean anything. From a memorabilia to a poem or a song. It is heartwarming when someone puts an effort in creating something especially for you.

5. Your Time

Need I say more? With our busy schedules, it is always a good idea to take a break and spend quality time with our loved ones. Being with the people who matter most in your life is something that will not only make them feel special. It’s also the best gift you can give yourself on a valentines.

What’s the most epic surprise you pulled off for your special someone on a valentines day?