Gardenia Plant Tour and Kiddie Workshop


Gardenia Kiddie Workshop

May 4, 2018. Me and my 12-year old niece, MJ, were invited to attend the Gardenia Kiddie Workshop along with other mommy bloggers and their kids. It was fun as it served as a day off for us moms. I was sad I am not able to bring my 4-year old because I thought we could’ve bonded through all the exciting activities. Nevertheless, MJ and I made the most out of it and had a nice girl bonding the whole day.

There are a lot of learning experiences during the workshop not only for the little ones but for the moms present as well. From dough-making, proper hand-washing and preparing quick and easy recipes using gardenia products, we also had an opportunity to do a plant tour and learn more about Gardenia’s automated baking.


Fun facts:

  1. Gardenia’s plant in Laguna is able to produce 850,000 total breads a day! (Yep, that’s a lot). My daughter need not worry on running out of breads again. 
  2. Have you noticed the little locks on your Gardenia classic bread? Apart from its use as a lock to secure the bread, G-locks are color coded base on the day the bread was baked. How cool is that?

    G-locks indicate the day bread was baked

  3. Gardenia has a chocolate spread called Delizia that tastes just like the leading brand. They claim that if you are to do a blind  food tasting, you can never tell the difference between the two. For how much? Php 97.99 for 200 grams. Can I say #Mommytipidtip?


The plant is off-limits for photos so I won’t be able to spoil you should you wish to experience #GardeniaPlanTour first-hand and see how our favourite bread is made. Meanwhile, let me give you a sneak peek of what comes down during the workshop.

Let’s see these kids in action as they convince us why we have to buy some breads (apart from the fact that we love them, of course!).


The event started 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. Though it was a bit tiring, I would definitely want to do that again with my Aya.

Gardenia Kiddie Workshop will soon open to the public. Follow their facebook page for updates and more information.

What are your kid’s activity this summer? Sound off below.