Creative Doodling and Coloring Workshop at Crafter’s MarketPlace


I spent my mommy me-time quite differently last week with one of Crafters Marketplace’s Creative Doodling and Coloring Workshop. Their studio is located at the corner most area inside Rustan’s Grocery Store of Shangri-La Mall in Ortigas.

When I walk in, I was greeted by the beautiful artwork on their white wall. It was intentionally left uncolored to give space for each viewer’s own interpretation. The possibilities are unlimited, especially with kids. The place is perfect for intimate gatherings or bonding with barkadas. You can have a coloring session for a birthday celebration or spend an afternoon destressing by learning how to do arts and crafts with mom and dads.

Since it was a coloring workshop, I initially expected that we will be made to do adult coloring book stuff. I’m glad I was wrong.

Ian, one of the Art teachers of Crafters Marketplace, taught us a lot of the basics- lines, shapes and colors. It was light and fun! He taught us what the rules are so we’ll know how to break them. (Trust me, I didn’t learn anything illegal.) Everyone got super excited (and scared!) when he told us we will create our own “masterpieces” we can color.

We used FaberCastle Polychromos Colored Pencils for the coloring. These are normally used by professional artists for their artworks. The pencils are oil based and the color, we were told, can last up to a hundred years! My great grand kids will be so lucky to inherit my stick figure masterpieces.


My pen addiction instantly kicked in when we also tried Faber Castell India Ink PITT Artist Pens. The set has 4 pens with different nib sizes that you can choose from. These are also available in different colors.


Since we had a blank canvass for that day, we used metal-colored gel pens of Dong-A to create our doodles. It looked really nice against the black paper. The metallic colors gives my creation a classy vibe.


The workshop encouraged me to let loose and not worry about straight lines, perfect circles and on point coloring. It allowed me to make mistakes and forgive myself. To think unconventionally may it be in art, in parenting and in life as a whole.

“Art should never be stressful.” – Ian De Jesus, Artist and Art Professor

If you would also be interested in attending one of their classes you can check out their weekend schedule below. Otherwise, you may send an inquiry to


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