3 Things I Unbox From MBP Gift Swap 2016

It’s giving season and our online community, Mommy Bloggers Philippines (MBP) hold a gift swap this year for an opportunity to share a blessing to a fellow mom and to receive a gift at the same time.

It’s an interesting and exciting experience for me because I get to stalk (in a non-creepy way) my recipient online and find out what might interest them. And where’s the best place to do that? Her blog. I felt like an undetected spy until I realized there’s also someone looking at my profile studying what my interests are. And I think she did a good job.

Here are the 3 things I got from the #mbpgiftswap this year:

Tangible Gift

Few days ago, I was able to receive a package from Momi Berlin. She is a fellow mom who blogs about her everyday experiences, discoveries and tips about parenting. As a new mom, I find wisdom in her blog posts. It speaks of real struggles and positivity at the same time.

She got me a book entitled The Happiness Project. It makes sense. I think her blog embodies what the book wants to spread- happiness. Since I discovered that it’s supposed to be a one-year read, I felt more excited to open it this coming 2017. So I have to add, I learned self-control which leads me to my next point.

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project


#MBPGiftSwap is such a humbling experience for me. I am able to meet Mommy Marilou of berryblog.net. I had the opportunity to share with her some of my favorite books that taught me a lot about marriage and relationship. Ironically though, when I went though her blog, it’s me who was inspired by her writings. Her blog speaks of diskarte– something I personally need to develop as a mom and as a person as a whole. I am sure I’ll be a frequent reader for surely, there is a lot to learn.

New Friends

Apart from the tangible gift, I personally like the fact that I am able to meet new friends through my online community- Mommy Bloggers Philippines. As an introvert person, it is not easy for me to make instant connection on first, second or third meetings. This definitely made it easier for me to reach out to my fellow mommies. New mommy friends I think are what I’m most thankful for to unbox on this event.

How about you? It’s five more days before Christmas. Are you still okay amidst the holiday rush, parties and reunions? I hope you are not yet running out of ideas to gift your friends and loved ones. And if you do, check out some of these products and get creative with your next gift box. Save yourself from doing my last resort – stalking.

Christmas Season Essentials

Christmas Season Essentials

Check out these pages for your inquiries:


Have you done gift swaps with your group this Christmas? What did you get?